StretchX Faceless Full Separating Zipper Slicker Hood

Item # 4-269441

MSRP: $79.99



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StretchX form-fitting, breathable StretchX Faceless hood with fully separating zipper features a no rub design for the ears, eyes and face. The fully separating zipper makes it super easy to take on and off the horse. It covers the neck, and shoulder which keeps braids/bands neat before a show and helps lay down the mane.

Web-ID 204-848608

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number Web ID UPC
Small (500-800lbs) Black 4-269441 204-848608 840151624508
Medium (800-1100lbs) Black 4-269442 204-848607 840151624515
Large (1100-1400lbs) Black 4-269443 204-848606 840151624522
X-Large (1400-1600lbs) Black 4-269444 204-848609 840151624539
Small (500-800lbs) Navy 4-269445 204-848612 840151624546
Medium (800-1100lbs) Navy 4-269446 204-848611 840151624553
Large (1100-1400lbs) Navy 4-269447 204-848610 840151624560
X-Large (1400-1600lbs) Navy 4-269448 204-848613 840151624577

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