Gatsby Classic Nylon 2-Tone Halter

Item # 5-281238

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From the original Gatsby. This classically designed halter is made of a double ply nylon, features a single buckle crown, holes on the crown have grommets in them for a better fit snap on the side, and brass plated hardware.

Web-ID 204-168295

Model Number and UPC Information

Style Item Number Web ID UPC
Pony Olive/Navy 5-281238 204-168295 840875087474
Cob Olive/Navy 5-281239 204-168292 840875087481
Oversize Olive/Navy 5-281241 204-168294 840875087504
Horse Navy/Light Blue 5-281244 204-168289 840875087535
Oversize Hunter/Navy 4-387389 204-933711 840151646548

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